When should you use infographics?

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When should you use infographics?

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Now that you know how to create infographics, are you clear about when we recommend using them? With a tool like Venngage at your disposal, it can be tempting to use infographics whenever possible. However, we do not consider it to be the best use for this tool. Excessive use of infographics, especially when your message does not need to be very developed, could cause a loss of interest in marketing your brand. However, there are a number of areas where you can use infographics to stunning effect. These are some of them:

1. To share large data sets A large amount of data can be difficult for a reader to consume and understand. This is where a statistical or informative infographic comes in handy. These infographics break down data into visually appealing sections of easy-to-read text, numbers, and icons that help people retain what they've seen for longer. 2. To tell a story Storytelling is a key factor in marketing and an infographic helps you tell stories ( storytelling ) both textually and visually. Due to the design of infographics, the eye knows phone database
exactly where to go, either vertically or horizontally, as if following the pages of a storybook. Since most people are visual learners, this flow makes the reading process much simpler and more enjoyable, thus improving the ability to share. 3. For link building Infographics are a great link building and affiliate marketing tool. By reaching out to potential link partners, you can offer custom infographics in exchange for link placements.


Not only does this technique give your link partner great content, but it could also lead to a long-lasting partnership. 4. To improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) What many people tend to forget is that images can help with SEO. While the use of keywords on blogs, web pages, and product pages is an essential component of search engine results, images can also help brands rank on Google. Google image search has come a long way in recent years and now, with the correct alt text, subheadings, and placement within a page, infographics can be found regardless of the written content associated with them, helping their SEO . Also, according to heat map analysis, people tend to spend more time looking at the visual elements on a website than the text. By using infographics, you will ensure that people stay on your page longer, which Google will use as evidence that your page is of higher quality than others.
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