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What does the VUCA world mean?

Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2022 11:40 am
by jubair
I'm sure most people still don't know what a VUCA environment means . The initials respond to the acronym of volatility (volatility), uncertainty (uncertainty), complexity (complexity) and ambiguity (ambiguity). But before going into detail about VUCA environments, we have to contextualize their appearance, going back to the end of the cold war. In the US, the army used this strategic term, to be able to adapt to any situation in the field of war. Over time, this model has been implemented in business and educational work models, questioning the more traditional models, which are governed by a generic learning system.

Unlike other cell numbers list systems, the VUCA environment aims to be the facilitator for any emerging process. INDEX OF CONTENTS What is VUCA and what is its meaning? But what is behind each of these acronyms so that education models are being rethought with a new approach? Bob Johansen , of the institute of the future , defined a parallel theory to counteract the effects caused by the VUCA environment. Volatility : a situation is interconnected by many parts and variables. The information we find can be predictable, but sometimes we won't be able to control its origin or impact. How to counter it? With Vision , that is, leaders must have a clear vision using agile methodologies that allow them to work in a world where markets are constantly changing. Uncertainty : The challenge is unpredictable and unexpected, so we don't know when we can fix it.

How to counter it? With understanding , the leaders of tomorrow will have the ability to stop and observe what is happening around them, beyond their areas of understanding so that communication is fluid. Complexity (Complexity): relationships are not entirely clear, there are no precedents, ignore the unknown. How to counter it? Seek Clarity (Clarity) which is the opposite of the chaos generated by any complex process. Ambiguity (ambiguity): although the facts are known, change is possible but not just given. How to counter it? Agility (agility) to communicate throughout the company or by any department to solve the problems that arise. Since we are predicted to live in a more uncertain, volatile and complex world, we have to start educating the new generations with a much more practical and rational model to learn how to solve problems.