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What Needs to be Learned in Technical SEO?

Posted: Wed Aug 03, 2022 8:50 am
by asfiyaporamanik125
Technical SEO is a technique in SEO optimization apart from the On page and Of page sides which is useful for improving the structure of your website to Special Database match SEO rules. This will include technical matters on your website. To be able to apply technical SEO or anything related to it, you can apply the tips as in the following discussion. Contents [ hide ] 1 What is Technical SEO?

2 Why Does Your Website Need Technical SEO? 3 Factors in Technical SEO 3.1 1. Use SSL 3.2 2. Pay attention to Duplicate Content 3.2.1 Plagiarizing content 3.2.2 URL Variations 3.3 3. Avoid Too Little Content 3.4 4. Install SEO Plugins 3.5 5. Use Google Webmaster Tools 3.6 6. Create a Sitemap 3.7 7. Install Google Analytics 3.8 8. Increase Website Speed ​​& User Experience 4 Conclusion What is Technical SEO? what-is-technical-sea Technical SEO is a way of optimizing websites and servers that can help in the process of crawling or crawling by search engines like Google so that they can be indexed on search pages. This can certainly help increase website rankings organically.


In this technical SEO process, it cannot be separated from a web crawler , what is a web crawler? Web crawlers have many names such as bots, web crawlers, etc. A web crawler is a software or software that was formed with the aim of crawling or visiting websites and storing the information for indexing by search engines. Then what is the index or indexing process? Is a search engine process in processing and storing the information found into the index, a large database of all the content that has been found. Why Does Your Website Need Technical SEO? why-your-website-need-technical-sea- As explained, if you do technical SEO, it means that you have helped search engines in collecting data on your website. Because with the process, the data held by search engines about your website becomes more complete and detailed. In the end, technical SEO can make it easier for your website to rank best on search results pages on search engines. In addition, creating SEO content alone is not enough because it requires a strong foundation. For this reason, technical SEO is the foundation of SEO on a website.